Difference between deactivating and deleting Workplace accounts

When you deactivate a person's account:
  • The person won’t be able to access Workplace and will be logged out of every session. The account will appear as deactivated to active users in your Workplace.
  • Content that is dependent on the account will not be deleted. This means posts, comments and messages from the person will still be available to view on Workplace after their account is deactivated.
It may take up to 24 hours for the deactivation of someone’s Workplace account to take effect.
When you delete a person’s Workplace account:
  • The person won’t be able to access Workplace and their coworkers won’t be able to see the account.
  • The person’s posts, comments and other data stored in backup systems will be deleted. This may take up to 90 days. While this information is being deleted, it’s inaccessible to other people using Workplace.
  • Some of the things people do on Workplace aren’t stored in their accounts. For example, a coworker may still be able to view messages from the deleted person even after their account is deleted.
  • This action can’t be undone.
You can only delete Workplace accounts which are deactivated or have never been claimed.

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