How do I create a Q&A post on Workplace?

Any member of a group can create a Q&A post. All other members of the group can ask questions and vote on questions.
To create a Q&A:
  1. Go to the group where you want to create a Q&A.
  2. From the composer, click and select Host a Q&A.
  3. You can add a description and photo before you select Post.
When you ask a question on a Q&A post, you will get a notification when the host answers it. There is no time limit on Q&A posts, but the person who posted can still delete the post, as with any other post, or close comments to end the Q&A.
Group members that host Q&As can sort the questions by Most Voted, Answered Questions First, or in Chronological Order.

How do I create a Live Q&A?
You can create a Live Q&A when you go live with Live Producer. Click the toggle next to Host a Q&A.
The audience can vote on questions, meaning that the host can view questions with most voted showing on top.
The host can mark a question as Answering now, which will disable voting for this question and pin it on top. When the host marks a question as Answered, it will be grayed out, with disabled voting and an added timestamp of when the host started answering the question.
After Live, the audience can sort questions by Most voted and Answered.
The audience can click on a time stamp in Answered questions to jump to the exact moment in the video when the host started answering the question.
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