How do I use Live Producer on Workplace?

To use Live Producer, all you need to do is go Live on Workplace.
Live Producer allows users to:
  • Go live using your camera, streaming software or high end production equipment.
  • Schedule a Live session ahead of time.
  • Share your screen - you can switch between your screen and your camera view.
  • Host a live Q&A.

Advanced Settings on Live Producer
There are also advanced settings that you can access with Live Producer:
  • With Persistent Stream Key you can reuse the same Stream Key across multiple live broadcasts.
  • With Backup Stream you can choose to a level of redundancy to your live broadcast.
  • Showing a dial-in number allows viewers to access an audio-only version of the stream using a phone call.
  • With auto-generated captions, your live video will automatically be transcribed, improving the accessibility of your communication.
  • Technical stream health metrics and event logs allow you to anticipate and react to any issues with your stream.
  • You can publish Polls during your Workplace Live broadcasts. Polls are questions with two to four answers that viewers can see and select in real time.
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