How do I add coworkers to a Workplace group?

You can add coworkers to a group one by one, or you can import a list of coworkers.
To add a coworker to a group:
  1. From the group, click .
  2. Click Add Members.
  3. Type the names of the coworkers you want to add, then click Add to Group.
To import a list of coworkers to a group:
  1. From the group, click Import to the right.
  2. Click Import File and select the file you want to upload.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Review the list of coworkers, then click Invite All.
Note: Click Download Template File after clicking Import to create a new file. You will only be able to invite up to 10,000 coworkers at a time.
Keep in mind that you can also add coworkers to a group by sending them an invite link. To do this, copy the link that's below the Share an invitation link section to the right of the group and share it with your coworkers.
Once you add coworkers to the group, they'll be able to see and comment on posts made to the group.
Groups with synced chat
If your group includes a synced chat, you will not be able to add more than 250 members.
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